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Hope all my Kink Mafia Mmebers are having a great holiday weekend!!

I took some time off cam this weekend to put in some more work on the site. Here are some of the updates I got done on this weekend:

* Fixed the broken Smoking in DTLA video

* Updated all of the category thumbnails

* Added a 30min option for private shows

* Increased the number of videos displayed per page in the members area and categories page

* Scheduled new content through October, including a previously unreleased *EXCLUSIVE* B/B/G threesome video for Mafia Members only

* FIXED THE EMBEDDED LIVESTREAM!! Now you can watch my Chaturbate livestream without ever leaving the site. Members can watch it from the Live Shows tab in the member area. Non-members can find my embedded cam in the store

For the next round of updates, I'd like to make a proper branded thumbnail for the categories page and add some new store items. I'd also like to work on editing my HUGE backlog of solo videos, so I can increase new content uploads to 3 times per week. If you'd like to help me pound out this content, feel free to head over to the store and book a private show or gift me a night off Chaturbate <3

Finally got some new items up in the store!!

You can now book private shows, spoil me, and send tips directly to me through the store. You can also pay your cuck tax, send pics of your wife for me to post on Twitter, send cum tributes, and be my personal chastity slave. Purchasing a store item will unlock a special thank you video available for 24hrs. Each item can be purchased once every 24hrs. For things that include Twitter shoutouts or scheduling a private show, make sure you shoot me a message through the site, Snapchat, or send me an email to properly coordinate.

More items will be coming soon!

Did you catch the G/G show I did with CosmicNeko last night?? What were some of the standout moments of the show for you?


For those of you that missed the show last night... it was wild! We planned a whole bunch of sexy games: vibrator torture, naked blackjack, strapon play, life sized jenga tower, double masturbation cum show... and we did absolutely none of it. Okay, not none. We did play token keno, makeout, flash our pussies, flash our titties, give twerk lessions, sat on viewers faces, clamped Neko's nipples, crawled around like slutty cat/bunny girls on leashes and spanked/flogged each others asses/pussies. However, the real show started after Neko's second beverage when we took a break to sit down and eat some boneless airfryer wings (shoutout to the lover who graced me with the airfryer as a bday present a couple years ago!). Neko's biggest pet peeve is lazy unthoughtful people with no ambition to improve their situation, socio-economic status, or the world around them. In her view, by a certian point in life, she feels people should have attained a certian level of material responsibility and achievement. I retorted that just because someone hasn't reached a certian level of financial success or material wealth, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are lazy. A fan agreeing with Neko said I was simply making excuses for people and that "lazy is lazy." I noted that making assumptions or generalizations about people without trying to understand how or why they got there is intellectually lazy. Neko begged to differ.


This started a conversation about the role of generational wealth, stereotyping people based on their level of income, projecting our personal experiences onto others, making broad generalizations about groups of people based on statistically insignificant sample sizes, correlation versus causation, hustle culture, poor shaming, self-awareness, the ethics of choosing non-life during a zombie apocalpse, ableism, and the reality of the human condition. Some of the questions that came up were:

* Is material wealth or financial success an accurate indicator of a persons intellectual ability or societal value?

* If one person has done something, is it fair for them to assume that everyone can do it?

* While we are all capable of "doing more" and "working harder," how much is enough?

* What qualifies as "enough"? When do our lives get to be about something other than work?

* Is financial success or material wealth always the result of hard work or intelligence?

* If everyone worked really hard, is it actually mathematically possible for everyone to be rich?

* How do we quantify intelligence?

My favorite part of the show was when someone said they have never seen people with such opposing viewpoints have such a passionate, thoughtful, respectful, and productive conversation.



We have come so far and I still have many more surprises in store for you. For now, these are a few things you can expect from the site and some of the first updates that will be coming down the pipeline:

* Members get access to ALL videos, image galleries, and YouTube vodcasts with their subscription

* Non-members can still purchase videos individually and save them in their favorites

* New content will be added to the site at least 2-3 times per week. Check the calendar in the store to view all upcoming updates!

* At least one new video per week - members get access to videos 2 weeks early

* One new image gallery per week - image galleries cannot be purchased. Only members get access to image galleries

* New store items including private Skype shows, custom videos, cuck tasks, tips and more...

* Naughty audio clips

* Naughty erotica

* Random members only contests and prizes

* Members only blog updates

* A home page button from the store

* New graphics and site design


Those of you that haved been following me know that this is has been a long time coming. Building this website has been an absolute saga, but we finally made it! For those of you who are new here, let me fill you in on the story...

Since 2018 one of the toughest questions for me to answer as a cam model was, "Where can I find you?" Well... I cam on Chaturbate, sell videos on ManyVids, I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Fetlife, and you can get my phone number on Sextpanther. You can also email me for private Skype shows and customs videos. Oh yea, and I have a podcast called The Virah Payam Show you can find on Patreon. And I make naughty audio clips that none of the aforementioned sites really support. It was difficult for fans to really know where to find me and trying to keep all of those sites updated was just unmanageable. As much as I looked, there was no site that was able to support the broad array of content that I was trying to create. I knew I needed to build my own website.

Of course, I know absolutely nothing about how to build a website. So I reached out to some friends who do graphic design work and hired them to help me get something going. From the beginning they told me to let my imagination and creativity run wild. Even if I thought it was crazy and out there, they wouldn't know if they could do it unless I asked for it. GREAT! I just gotta give them a bunch of money and a site would pop out, right?! WRONG! Turns out that I was actually going to have to be part of the process. They weren't building aa website. WE were building a website So for 3 years we worked tirelessly on this project. Countless number of sleepless nights, stress, sweat, tears, and money went into this project. Then last year, it all came to a head. I'd built the whole thing wrong and had to start over.

I was absolutely gutted, but there really was no other way around it. Rather than view that as a failure, I saw it as the cost of education. I learned a lot during that time and I was still able to apply that knowledge going forward. The experience I gained helped me going forward and made this second effort go much smoother than the first. There were so many times where I questioned myself. Was I doing the right thing? Was this really necessary? But I knew this was something I wanted to do. It was important to me and I knew it would make supporting me as a creator so much easier and more rewarding for my fans. So I persevered. And now FINALLY, I get to share the results of all this hard work with you. For one montly tribute, you can have access to ALL of my content in ONE place!

This journey is nowhere near complete. Right now the site is very much fuction over form. It is a content delivery system where you can access all of my content in one place. This is stage one. However, my goal is to make this site just like my cam show: a full in-depth interactive experience like nothing else the adult internet has ever seen. So strap in and stay tuned, because this story has just begun...

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